We repair and rebuild alternators, starters and generators.

Moonlight Starters and Generators have rebuilt alternators, starters, pumps, drive & lift motors in KISSIMMEE for over 40 years! We are your long established starter and alternator rebuild shop! 

We operate our shop at 5255 B T C Place, Kissimmee, FL. 34758.

Moonlight Starters and Generators specializes in rebuilding automotive, farm, fleet, industrial, and marine alternators, starters, generators, pumps and DC drive motors. We may have a new or remanufactured unit in stock or we can rebuild yours. We also can locate a new or remanufactured unit from our nationwide network of suppliers.  We take great pride in providing our customers with the best possible quality at affordable prices.

We are now able to repair Air Starters for Industrial Applications. This Service is delivered as part of our normal Business Operations.